How Can Machine Learning Be Advantageous To DevOps?

DevOps and machine learning are two of the trending technologies that are forming a significant impact on the software domain nowadays. The DevOps engineers are supposed to comprehend how the codes perform, the importance of cloud, etc. Thus infusing machine learning to their culture appears a good thing.

Hardware and perseverance do pay in the long run. That said, there is also a rise in robotics, Machine Learning, DevOps culture and tools, IoT, blockchain, etc. So the key lies in understanding which tasks can be effectively handled by machine learning.

The Essence of DevOps

The core of DevOps is results, and it concentrates on a shared objective between the development and operations team. Besides ensuring that the software is released at a fast rate, DevOps practice also ascertains that the techniques followed to adhere to the business objectives.

The Core of Machine Learning

  • Machine Learning’s backbone is algorithms, and it helps in soundly forecasting the result. It can receive the data, evaluate the statistics, forecast the output, etc.
  • DevOps techniques are quickly seeing a rise. DevOps chiefly deals with the automation of tasks. It concentrates on automating and supervising every step of the software delivery process. The key lies in performing the activity swiftly and efficiently.
  • ML can be regarded as highly appropriate for a DevOps culture. That said, it can process vast sums of data. Small activities are also taken care of by ML. ML can study patterns, forecast issues, and recommend solutions.
  • As you may know, the main objective of DevOps is to maintain a good collaboration between development and operations. In this regard, ML can remove the friction that has formed a line of demarcation between the two.
  • Through machine learning, the resources who are dealing with the DevOps practices needn’t worry about the more routine activities and will concentrate on more innovative tasks.

How can machine learning and DevOps work in harmony?

  • The capability of machine learning to make the DevOps function adeptly is the trending topic now one can experiment with it a lot. While DevOps culture is evolving, so does machine learning techniques. When they are blended, then the result will be optimal.
  • The harmony that exists between machine learning and DevOps has also spread its presence to artificial intelligence, predictive analytics, etc.
  • To perform efficiently, DevOps teams should ease the activities. But this may not be a simple task as there is more need for convenience in the environment. When the teams use different tools, machine learning can help by providing a 360-degree view of the application’s total health.
  • In the DevOps practice, there is a recommendation to do everything faster, even if it is failing. Keeping tis in mind , it is essential to have a system that identifies a mistake rapidly.  To avoid the mess caused when the team reacts, machine learning can guide the team by helping them prioritize their responses dependent on aspects including past behavior, etc. This can also be performed at a fast rate.
  • Making the root cause is a chief factor, and Machine Learning assists in the same. This can be attributed to the keen sense of observation of Machine Learning that cannot be otherwise identified by us. When we make out the root cause, the problem will be fixed forever. To elucidate further, machine learning can help in finding out the root cause, make out anomalies, and also plays a significant role in predicting failures.
  • The primary issue with DevOps may arise when there is less importance given to resolve. The DevOps team will use simple techniques to solve the problem. Machine learning systems can evaluate the data to demonstrate lucidly what took place in the past time even past week. It can give a good view of our application whenever we want.

Obstacles encountered by DevOps engineers in including machine learning

  • Machine Learning is basically applied mathematics. The developer should possess a sound grasp of logarithms, linear algebra, statistics, regression analysis, etc. However, the aspiring candidate may not be in a position to grasp these though they would have studied it in their college years. The jargons applied in machine learning are quite difficult to comprehend by several people.
  • Bringing in machine learning profoundly into DevOps is not a simple decision for the company because it needs the recruiting of more people and also making the present team be abreast with new skills.


The competency of machine learning, when applied with DevOps, relies on DevOps processes. When you have a sound grasp of the advantages that a DevOps and machine learning infrastructure can offer, then the chances of success in project management is maximized.

Irrespective of the challenges faced, embracing machine learning by DevOps people will be progressing. There is a great rise in the number of frameworks, and due to this, algorithms are turning out simple to grasp. You can optimize the particular objectives of DevOps through machine learning efficiently. Besides, there is a connection between several monitoring tools. Notwithstanding, there is an analysis of data in an astute manner. If you want to gain knowledge on Machine Learning from a good training institute, then you can contact Softlogic.

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