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Guide to Secure Oracle Certification
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Guide to Secure Oracle DBA Certification

Published On: November 28, 2022

The relational database management system is coupled with Oracle Database Administrator. Managing these massive amounts of data in major organizations necessitates specialized abilities. This guide to Oracle DBA Certification will walk you through the process of becoming certified in Oracle DBA, as well as help you master the skills and land your ideal job.

Overview of Oracle Database

Oracle Corporation is the creator of the database management system known as Oracle Database (DB). It is frequently used for data warehousing as well as executing online transaction processing and database workloads. Oracle DB now offers advanced services such as Database Cloud service and others.

Oracle DBA Certification

Oracle Database has almost 1.6 million certifications. Don’t worry if reading this makes your head spin. We’ll make things simple for you. Oracle certifications are divided into two categories: database administrator and database developer.

Database Administration

There are n databases, and each one requires at least one database administrator (DBA) to manage it.

As we all know, Oracle DB is massive and has a large number of users. It is difficult for a single administrator to handle, which is why a group of DBAs share this responsibility.

Key Responsibilities of a Database Administrator

The following are the key responsibilities of a database administrator:

  • Oracle Server and application tools must be installed and upgraded.
  • Allocate system storage and anticipate future storage needs for the database system.
  • After the application developer has designed an application, create primary database storage structures (tablespaces).
  • Once an application’s design by an application developer is complete, create primary objects such as tables, views, and indexes.
  • Based on the data that the application developer has provided, make any necessary modifications to the database schema.
  • Enroll users, keep the system secure, and ensure that the Oracle license agreement is followed.
  • Control and monitor database user access.
  • Database performance should be monitored and optimized.
  • Plan for the backup and recovery of all database data.
  • Keep archived data on tape.
  • Database backup and restoration

Primary Tasks of a Database Administrator

The tasks listed below represent a prioritized approach to developing, deploying, and maintaining an Oracle Database:

  • Task 1. Analyze the Database Server Hardware
  • Task 2: Install the Oracle software.
  • Task 3: Plan the database.
  • Task 4: Make and Open the Database
  • Task 5: Backup the Database
  • Task 6: Enroll System Users
  • Task 7: Put the Database Design into Action
  • Task 8: Take a Backup of the Fully Functional Database
  • Task 9: Optimize Database Performance

How Can an Oracle DBA Certification Help You?

Working as an Oracle DBA requires you to be an Oracle Certified Professional (OCP). The relational database management system is related to the Oracle DBA. A database administrator’s function is critical in large businesses for managing massive amounts of data. As a result, Oracle DBA professionals are in high demand.

Gartner ranks Oracle as the global leader in relational databases, with a 48.35% market share. In the United States, an Oracle DBA can earn up to $152,192.

Who is eligible for this Oracle DBA Certification?

This certification is open to anyone with a basic understanding of IT and databases. Mainly:

  • Software Developers and IT Professionals
  • Database Analysts and Administrators
  • SQL Programmers and Architects
  • Project Managers
  • Those interested in a career as an Oracle DBA

Oracle’s Popular Job Roles and Their Salaries

According to a PayScale survey, the average Oracle Database Administrator (DBA) salary is $127,034 per annum.

Major employers provide the following pay for Oracle Database Administrators (DBAs):

Is an Oracle DBA Certification Course available from SLA?

Yes, SLA offers a course in which you can enroll and master the basics of database administration. Its features are below:

  • This Oracle DBA Certification course is intended to prepare students to pass the Oracle Database Administrator Certified Associate Exam.
  • The entire course content is aligned with the IBM certification program, allowing you to easily pass the certification exam and land the best positions in major MNCs.
  • You will be working on real-world projects and tasks during this Oracle DBA Certification program.
  • Real-world industry scenarios will have enormous ramifications for you, allowing you to easily advance your career.
  • There will be a quiz after this Oracle DBA Certification training program that fully replicates the type of questions answered in the certification test and helps you achieve higher marks.

What will this Oracle DBA Certification Course at SLA equip me with?

  • Database fundamentals
  • SQL and PL/SQL concepts SQL and PL/SQL concepts
  • A database’s physical and logical structure
  • Tablespace Fundamentals
  • Configuring and managing the Oracle Network Database, as well as programming
  • Installation, cloud utilization, and storage management
  • Best practices and procedures for databases
  • Getting Ready for the Oracle DBA Exam

Before you start your job, we advise you to enroll in IBM’s Database Administrator Certification Course at SLA

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