Diploma in Software Programming

Diploma in Software Programming in Chennai is grooming all the IT aspirants to reach their career goals successfully. Our industry-standard curriculum of the Diploma in Software Programming Course covers C, C++, Java, Dot Net, and Python that are the fundamental programming languages used for any specialized courses and technology updates. We provide hands-on exposure on all the programming languages as we believe in learning by doing approach. Upon the completion of a course at Softlogic, you will stand unique in the top companies through our Diploma in Software Programming Certification that adds value to your profile. Learn the in-demand courses in our Diploma in Software Programming Training Institute in Chennai with 100% Placement Assistance.

The Software field in today’s digital era is a competitive but promising one. We offer complete course practice with diploma certification in our Diploma in Software programming in Chennai at Softlogic Systems to have a better chance of being hired in top companies. We equip the necessary skills needed for designing, developing, and testing the software applications along with placement-related coaching on problem-solving ability, communication skills, and collaboration skills. Enroll at SLA to be hired easily as computer programmers, software engineers, application developers, and database administrators.

About Course


The Diploma in Software Programming in Chennai is framed specially for the students who are interested to build their career in application development, data analysis, mobile app development, gaming development, cloud computing, web development, and Process Automation. Our course curriculum is designed as per the industry-accreditation and updated frequently according to the trending requirements. We have industry expert trainers as faculties to provide placement-driven coaching on all the programming languages provided in our Diploma in Software Programming Course in Chennai. You will get proficiency through the experiential learning method that covers complete hands-on practice on entire programming concepts. Learn exactly what industries expecting from the best software developer through our Diploma Software Programming Training Institute in Chennai.

We equip our students with programming skills, coding expression skills, problem-solving skills, and job-related skills to perform in giant companies through our Diploma in Software Programming Course. You can get a comprehensive understanding along with hands-on exposure in 195 hours of course duration at Softlogic System. Propel your career in software development by SLA, the leading Diploma in Software Programming Training Institute in Chennai.

Course Objectives:

We are intended to provide industry-standard coaching for the IT aspirants to become a software developer with in-depth knowledge in programming languages like C, C++, Java, Dot Net, and Python. Our trainers will practice them from the fundamentals like mathematical aptitude, time management, accuracy and attention, and subject matter knowledge for beginners and required professionals. Upon the completion of our Diploma in Software Programming Course in Chennai, you will be able to

  • Demonstrate the fundamental understanding of programming languages and hardware requirements.
  • Showcase your problem-solving skills in computer programs.
  • Implement logical and mathematical skills to complete any kind of program using a variety of programming languages.
  • Explain the project requirements effectively to clients, team members, and management.
  • Implement web technologies efficiently wherever it is required for project completion.
  • Collaborate with your team members for effective project outcomes.
  • Explain networking related requirements to management and clients.
  • Implement your obtained skills to focus on the business results.
  • Communicate fluently with management and team members.
  • – Present project documentation to the clients and the management confidently.

Who should attend the Diploma in Software Programming Course in Chennai?

We aim to train any interested students who are college-goers, fresh graduates, and working professionals in our Diploma in Software Programming Training Center in Chennai.

  • College-goers of computer science background can learn from scratch to build academic projects in any software programming language.
  • Fresh graduates can kick-start their career through our fundamental to advanced diploma in software programming course with industry-worth certification.
  • Working professionals from any other experience can transform their career to the IT field through our personalized diploma in software programming training.

Softlogic Systems is one of the best Software Programming Training Institutes in Chennai to provide Diploma certification along with job-ready skills by our dedicated placement team.

Prerequisites to learn Diploma in Software Programming in Chennai

There is no specific knowledge required for learning this diploma in software programming course at Softlogic as we offer the training from the fundamentals to advanced concepts. Our Diploma in Software Programming Training in Chennai covers popular programming languages such as C, C++, Java, Dot Net, and Python. We give an in-depth understanding of required programming concepts like data types, variables, operators, pointers, functions, and frameworks. Gain expertise on the in-demand industry skills to become a full-fledged programmer or developer through our Diploma in Software Programming Training in Chennai.

Career Path

Career Scope of Diploma in Software Programming

The learning of programming languages such as C, C++, Java, Dot Net, and Python has tremendous scope for freshers and experienced candidates in areas like web application development, mobile application development, game development, and distributed computing. Our Diploma in Software Programming Course in Chennai equips students to get placed in top companies for respective roles and responsibilities of the following programming languages:

Job Opportunities in C and C++ Programming

There is a bright career scope for certified C and C++ programmers who have extensive knowledge in computer programming. These two programming languages continue to rule the IT world with in-demand skills for developing machine-level programs. Job profiles can be obtained in C and C++ Programming Knowledge are Junior Programmers, Senior Programmers, Software Developer, Quality Analyst, Game Programmer, Software Engineer, C and C++ Analyst, Programming Architect, UNIX Shell Scripting, Back-end developers, database developers, Bioinformatics, embedded systems, and computational biologists. All these profiles are having great demand in the industries for accomplishing various tasks with unique programming skills. We enhance our students to have industry-required knowledge to perform well through our best Diploma in Software Programming Course in Chennai.

Future Scope of C and C++ Programmer

The C and C++ Programming Languages have a permissive nature that enables the candidates to have continuous learning on the coding knowledge for their immerse career growth. The prospects for C and C++ programmers are in the fields like Astronomy, Accounting, Finance, Bioinformatics, and so on. The average salary of a certified C and C++ Programmer as an entry-level is around INR 4,71,700 Lakhs per annum as per the report of Glassdoor.com and Payscale.com. We provide comprehensive coaching in Diploma in Software Programming Course in Chennai with the updated job opportunities in top companies and enhance the skills of our students according to the trending requirements.

Job Opportunities in Java Programming

Java is the general-purpose and OOPs-based programming language that allows developers to write anywhere and run anywhere with the support of Java Virtual Machine. This is the main reason for the popular and the wide usage of Java Programming around the world. The developers use Java Programming as it is secure, easy to learn, robust, flexible applet usage, network portability, OOPs-based, and platform-independent. There is a huge job opportunities for Java developers in three major platforms such as J2EE (Java Enterprise Edition), JSE (Java Standard Edition), and JME (Java Micro Edition). The Diploma in Software Programming Course in Chennai at Softlogic helps the students to obtain the Job profiles such as Back-end developer, Big Data developer, Android Developer, and Embedded Device developer in top IT companies and MNCs.

Job Opportunities in Dot Net Programming

Dot Net is the best platform for building applications using various technologies like ASP, C#, and so on. We can develop websites, web-based applications, windows applications, cloud computing, android applications, iOS applications, RPA, and UI designing through the Dot Net framework efficiently and faster. The opportunity for skilled and certified Dot Net developers is huge with a variety of job profiles such as Dot Net Developer, Senior Dot Net Developer, C# Developers, Full-Stack Developer, Software Engineer, MVC Architect wit Dot Net, and so on. They are responsible for producing clean, error-free codes using Dot Net technologies to create websites and applications. Top companies such as TCS, Wipro, and Microsoft are frequently hiring Dot Net developers and we help you to explore the opportunities through our best Diploma in Software Programming Training Course in Chennai.

Future Scope of Java Developers

The learning of Java provides an amazing future for the learners with the updated technology implementations such as Artificial Intelligence, IoT development, Cloud Computing, RPA, Cybersecurity, and Data Analysis. Many business processes are getting automated through the applications developed in Java Programming. The Java Developers are earning around INR 4,95,549 as per the report of glassdoor.com. Numerous job openings can be found in top job portals like Naukri.Com, Monster.Com, and so on. We provide a job-oriented Diploma in Software Programming Course in Chennai with 100% Placement Assistance.

Future Scope of Dot Net Developers

The learning of Dot Net technologies creates tremendous job growth with a promising future for certified Dot Net Programmers. Dot Net is growing steadily with many new implementations along with trending technologies such as 2D and 3D games, Apple iOS Apps, Windows Apps, Responsive web applications with HTML, JavaScript, Azure Cloud Services, Enterprise Applications, and frequent addition of frameworks and libraries. The average salary of the Dot Net Developer is around $72,571 as per the report of DevSkiller.com and the demand for certified Dot Net Developers is increasing every year. We offer the best-in-class Diploma in Software Programming Course with Placement Support in Chennai at Softlogic.

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Program Features

Obtain theoretical knowledge, practical exposure, and job guidance along with confidence and support through our Diploma in Software Programming
Training in Chennai at SLA.


Industry Endorsed Curriculum that is framed based on trending job requirements of global industries to help our students perform from day one.


The Learning with Hands-on approach gives expertise on course concepts through complete hands-on experience along with unlimited practicing hours.


Subject Expert Facultieswill give one-on-one sessions to guide our students by the regular, weekend, and live online classes in your flexible hours.


Fully air-conditioned labs and classrooms are to provide a sophisticated environment to learn the concepts with complete satisfaction.


Placement Assistance for all the students through resume building practices, mock interviews, and profile enhancement by dedicated trainers.


Free Lifetime Learning Support for the students to guide for their career enhancement even after the Training course completion and placements.

One Time Payment

  •  Faster payment with Credit Card, Debit Card, Net Banking

₹ 1,70,000 /-



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Softlogic works tirelessly for proving quality training along with free placement services that combine career counseling and skill enhancement. We allocate dedicated placement facilitators to assist the job seekers who are enrolled in our Diploma in Software Programming Course in Chennai. They provide excellent coaching on resume writing, cover letter drafting and filling up job applications in job portals as well as company sites along with soft skills, aptitude skills, and collaboration skills enhancement programs regularly. We also guide you to find appropriate jobs through job searching strategies and arrange interviews in top companies as per their recruitment and requirement processes.

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[vc_testimonial rating=”5_stars” nameclr=”#000000″ profclr=”#000000″ image_id=”12103″ name=”Selva” prof=”Software Developer” bgclr=”#1bc480″]

Softlogic is one of the best .NET Training institutes in Chennai to do Dotnet. Though this institute was recommended by my colleague, I dint have much confidence at first. Then, I spoke to the student centre who was very helpful in making me understand the course requirements! Joining Softlogic to learn .NET is the best decision I have made to date as Softlogic is one of the better .NET Training Institutes in Chennai! I was a beginner and the trainers were great at the training sessions! Excellent instructors I have met in recent years!


[vc_testimonial rating=”5_stars” nameclr=”#000000″ profclr=”#000000″ image_id=”12103″ name=”Udhaya Kumar” prof=”CTS, Software Engineer” bgclr=”#1c8fc9″]

It was one of the best learning experiences I had at Softlogic, right from counseling to placements. Softlogic has counselors with appropriate industrial knowledge, which helps to identify the needs of students. The training provided is completely based on industrial projects and practical way of finding solutions. The classes are very interactive and expands our knowledge. Over all environment in the Academy is very friendly and the best thing about this place is that anytime we can go and clear the doubts to the respective faculty. Students gain knowledge to tackle the Selection Rounds and good placements are provided by the academy. Overall, I am very much happy and recommend others to join Softlogic


[vc_testimonial rating=”5_stars” nameclr=”#000000″ profclr=”#000000″ image_id=”12103″ name=”Dinesh Kumar A” prof=”Lumisense Technologies, Software Engineer” bgclr=”#c91c72″]

Personally, Python was not my strongest subject, and I needed some coaching to get this done right. Enrolled into the Softlogic’s Python class, this was the best thing that could happen to me professionally. Wonderful and excellent training by this IT institute! Totally recommend the Softlogic if you are looking for Django and python training center in Chennai.