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About Our Course 

Our Diploma in Artificial Intelligence Training in Chennai equips the learners to get a comprehensive understanding of the fundamental concepts required for developing robots and IoT devices. We have in-person classroom mode and instructor-led live online mode to provide satisfied hands-on exposure to Artificial Intelligence. Our trainers are proficient in the entire AI Concepts to offer the best-in-class coaching for freshers and working professionals as per their career requirements. We train our students with coherent course materials, free software installation, case studies practice, assessments, and project implementation along with placement support through our Diploma in Artificial Intelligence Training Institute in Chennai.

Course Objectives of our Diploma in Cloud Computing Training in Chennai

The main intent of this integrated course is to provide in-depth knowledge of cloud computing concepts, trending technologies, architecture solutions, and software applications that help the learners to work in the cloud computing environment of big companies. The course equips the students to identify common issues and addressing them through implementing trending technologies tools, and applications available in the market or innovating new solutions. The following learning objectives are benefits for the students after finishing the course at Softlogic Systems, the leading Diploma in Cloud Computing Training Institute in Chennai.

  • Well-versed in the key topics and core technologies related to cloud computing and applications.
  • Identify the cloud architecture and infrastructure that includes IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, private cloud, public cloud, and hybrid cloud.
  • Addressing the cloud issues such as privacy, security, and interoperability
  • Choosing the right solutions from trending technologies, algorithms, tools, and approaches for addressing the cloud issues.
  • Analyze, evaluate, and explain the issues and solutions for cloud computing to clients.
  • Generate innovative ideas for improved cloud solutions.
  • Prepare research papers and present them on the internet via video conferencing
  • Excellent communication skills for team collaboration.

Cloud Computing with AWS

AWS (Amazon Web Services) is one of the popular cloud providers that provide a comprehensive platform for virtual storage. AWS service includes IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service), and SaaS (Software as a Service). Amazon Web Services provide low-cost cloud infrastructure for 190+ countries around the world. We give hands-on training on AWS through our Diploma in Cloud Computing Course in Chennai at Softlogic with the following learning benefits for the learners:

  • Practice to allocate provision and release cloud resources as per demand to the users
  • Practice on scaling up or scaling down resources automatically depends on the load.
  • Practice to make cloud resources accessible through a network with perfect security
  • Practice for cloud services providing to utilize the Pay-as-you-go model that allows users to use cloud resources based on the needs and usage.

We offer a Diploma in Cloud Computing Training in Chennai in AWS (Solution Architect & DO) along with practical implementations, certification, and placement guidance. Our trainers have designed a curriculum that covers basic architecture, management console, mobile app console, auto-scaling, workspaces, lambda, network services, storage services, database services, analytics services, applications services, and web service resources. Gain expertise in AWS (SA & DO) for working efficiently in cloud service platforms in top companies.

DevOps for cloud computing

Big companies are achieving their business goals through DevOps and Cloud Computing Services. DevOps helps the companies with process improvement by automation strategies while cloud computing involves in providing the technology and services as per the requirements. DevOps improves the business with seven most practices such as configuration management, continuous integration, automation testing, Infrastructure as code, continuous delivery, continuous deployment, and continuous monitoring. We provide DevOps (on-premises) practice in our Diploma in Cloud Computing Training in Chennai with 100% Placement Assistance. Our course covers the following important concepts:

  • DevOps introduction
  • On-premises automation using DevOps
  • Practice on DevOps tools such as Docker and Jenkins
  • Configuration management using tools
  • Implementing DevOps concepts in the cloud computing process.

Avail integrated course with DevOps culture in our Diploma in Cloud Computing Training Institute in Chennai on the tools like Chef, Ansible, Docker, Jenkins, and Kubernetes. Our Course Syllabus equips the learners to gain expertise in continuous development, continuous integration, continuous testing, continuous monitoring, and continuous delivery along with continuous deployment and feedback process. We provide placement-related training along with technical expertise in our Diploma in Cloud Computing Course.

Big Data Skills for Cloud Computing

We provide big data processing with the Hadoop tool in our Diploma in Cloud Computing Training Center in Chennai to know what the importance of data analytics is. The role of big data is significant in cloud computing as it provides storage capacity and perfect resources as per the need of an organization. Big data accelerates the development of cloud computing properly. Platforms like Google is using big data processing for web indexing to match the queries with potential resources. Our course syllabus enhances the learners with the following big data concepts that are used for the cloud computing process:

  • Practices on analyzing huge data sets for accessing potential value
  • Implementing state-of-art cloud infrastructure through big data analytics
  • Utilization of Hadoop tool for database management systems
  • Implementing Hadoop for implementing virtual machines and containers.
  • Big data processing for identifying management systems and machine learning capabilities to standardize the organizational data.

The learning of Big Data with Hadoop tool for cloud computing process is beneficial for the learners in the network-based system, artificial intelligence, machine learning process, and data standardization. Reshape your career through our Diploma in Cloud Computing Course in Chennai for utilization of big data concepts to implement trending technologies in virtual infrastructure.

Linux Fundamentals

Linux is used to execute highly available, reliable, and critical workloads in a cloud computing environment that supports a variety of use cases, target devices, and storage systems. It is versatile, open-source, secure, easy integration, ideal platform, frequent updates, personalization, and inexpensive for implementing cloud services efficiently. We provide fundamental knowledge of Linux that can be utilized in cloud processing in our Diploma in Cloud Computing Training Institute in Chennai. Our Course Curriculum covers the following Linux concepts:

  • Fundamental Linux with general command line practices
  • Monitoring and debugging tools such as Top, PS, and SAR
  • Software management with Linux for cloud computing process
  • Practice with networking commands such as ping and traceroute
  • Linux concepts with SED and AWK

Learn Linux concepts used for cloud computing process along with commands and tools in our Diploma in Cloud Computing Training Institute in Chennai. It equips you for working effectively in cloud infrastructure with Linux skills that include virtualization, container software, and bare-metal that can be shared and accessed via scalable resources across the network. It includes Kernel, System library, and system utility that are Linux concepts used in Cloud Computing.

Who can attend our Diploma in Artificial Intelligence Training in Chennai?

All engineering and IT graduates and working professionals can take up this course as we provide comprehensive coaching on Diploma in Cloud Computing Training in Chennai with complete hands-on exposure on real-time projects at Softlogic Systems. Our Diploma in Cloud Computing Course Curriculum is designed as per the industry requirements to provide the best training for the following category of students

  • Fresh graduates from any engineering and computer-related degree background to kick-start their career in the Cloud Computing field
  • Working professionals who wish to get career transformation in this in-demand cloud computing field
  • Any graduates who wish to restart their career through the Cloud Computing field.

Prerequisites for learning our Diploma in Cloud Computing Course in Chennai

There is no specific requirement for taking up a Diploma in Cloud Computing Training in Chennai at Softlogic as we begin with fundamental concepts. Those who want to study for quick career growth through our fast track-based learning are required to have basic knowledge in database, scripting, and cloud fundamentals. Students can personalize the curriculum for complete hands-on practice on advanced concepts in our Diploma in Cloud Computing Training Center in Chennai.

Career Scope of Diploma in Cloud Computing Training in Chennai

The future of the cloud computing field is very bright with tremendous job opportunities for freshers and experienced candidates. It is expected to generate millions of jobs till 2025 for managing various cloud-related jobs in big companies like Google, Accenture, IBM, Facebook, and so on. They are employing certified professionals with expertise in the field of AWS, Azure, Big Data, DevOps, and Linux. That’s why we offer integrated courses in our Diploma in Cloud Computing Training in Chennai along with hands-on practices.

Cloud computing simplifies the virtual accessibility for addressing backup and restore issues of local servers and storage requirements. It also protects against unauthorized access and data loss as it is a secure platform. It reduces the huge investments of organizations in data storage, serverless computing, software license issues, and application requirements. We provide hands-on exposure on Diploma in Cloud Computing Training in Chennai for the learners who are interested to work in cloud computing.

The following are most-sought skills required to work in this in-demand cloud computing industry

  • Technical Skills in the areas like HTML, PaaS (Platform as a Service), Programming languages like C, C++, Java, Python, and .Net
  • Business and Financial Skills such as business acumen, online marketing, financial terminologies, and business strategies.
  • Project Management skills like client negotiation, risk analysis, and service agreement and policies. 
  • Data Integration and Analysis skills through database skills, data mining process, and ERP system processing.

Roles and Responsibilities of Cloud Professionals

The following roles are popular in the cloud computing field and we offer excellent coaching to work with the right responsibilities with proper certification through our best Diploma in Cloud Computing Training in Chennai. 

Solutions Architect: They are responsible for designing applications or services required for an organization as a part of solution providers. They should be expertise in technical and business skills that helps the organization to make strategic decision. The average salary of a Solution Architect is around INR 17,38, 775 LPA and it differs as per the size and location of the company.

Technical Architect: They should be aware of system and logistic specialization that involves designing, implementing, and maintaining IT infrastructure for business clients. They are responsible for cloud structure designing of new systems, overseeing the project implementation, and collaborating with the software development team. The average salary of a Technical Architect is around INR 18,87, 907 LPA and it differs as per the size and location of the company.

Information Technology Architect: They are architects who design IT solutions and services for organizations as per their in-demand requirements. They should have strong knowledge in IT background such as architect software, required hardware elements, network connection, trending applications, and other IT-related solutions for the best result of an organization to compete in the market. The average salary of an IT Architect is around INR 19,42,717 LPA and it differs as per the size and location of the company.

DevOps Engineer: They are responsible for managing development and operations through automation technologies and tools. They should build, test, and maintain the organizational infrastructure that accelerates development and deployment through software and tools like Docker and Jenkins. The average salary of a DevOps Engineer is around INR 17,07,033 LPA and it differs as per the size and location of the company.

Enterprise Architect: They are responsible for upkeep and maintain the IT network and services of an organization by managing, improving, and upgrading the software applications and hardware capacities for continuous workflow. The average salary of an Enterprise Architect is around INR 29,58,840 LPA and it differs as per the size and location of the company.

Senior Solutions Architect: They are responsible for managing large and potential customers as per the need of their complex security requirements, solution architecture, system designing, and technical project management along with cryptography solutions for security purposes. The average salary of a Senior Solution Architect is around INR 25,01,050 LPA and it differs as per the size and location of the company.

Senior Software Architect: They are responsible for developing new programs and software applications based on the requirements of organizations. They will be working with the team to achieving the company goals of software needs, system development, solution implement, and development process through overseeing and suggesting trending tools and technologies. The average salary of a Senior Software Architect is around INR 27,30, 700 LPA and it differs as per the size and location of the company.

Top companies like Amazon, Oracle, Cisco, IBM, Ericson, SAP, TCS, HCL, Accenture, Wipro, CTS, Infosys, and Capgemini are continuously employing qualified and certified cloud professionals to take care of cloud-related jobs. Learn and get expertise in required skills like AWS, DevOps, Big Data, and Linux in our Diploma in Cloud Computing Certification Training in Chennai with 100% Placement Support. 

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The Learning with Hands-on approach gives expertise on course concepts through complete hands-on experience along with unlimited practicing hours.


Subject Expert Facultieswill give one-on-one sessions to guide our students by the regular, weekend, and live online classes in your flexible hours.


Fully air-conditioned labs and classrooms are to provide a sophisticated environment to learn the concepts with complete satisfaction.


Placement Assistance for all the students through resume building practices, mock interviews, and profile enhancement by dedicated trainers.


Free Lifetime Learning Support for the students to guide for their career enhancement even after the Training course completion and placements.

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  • It was a very useful training period and worth spending on Diploma in Software Programming Course in Chennai at SLA. I have got good knowledge and placement support from the trainers and they are very kind and supportive. Thanks a lot to the people of SLA. I recommend this institute to my friends for sure.

  • I have got excellent training on Diploma in Software Programming through Softlogic academy as they provide a conceptual understanding of the subject very deeply. The class coaching was truly good and I was advised to take up training for my project, so I spoke to SLA’s help desk. The helpdesk was efficient, and the training sessions were even better. The course material was really good, and I earned my certification at such affordable fees!

  • SLA was very effective and the Best Diploma in Software Programming Training Institute in Chennai to learn with certification. I have obtained very good training for both beginners and advanced level learners, which you don’t find in other IT training institutes! Excellence everywhere with Softlogic Academy! Very patient and enthusiastic trainers and you never get bored with any class. The level of professionalism they follow is top-notch!

  • I had zero knowledge about programming languages and after Diploma in Software Programming course I have gained the confidence and skills to develop software applications with the confidence to move to the next step of my career. I started the course with fear for my career and after just a few sessions, I was able to produce some excellent work! Thanks, SLA- your trainers are amazing.

  • It was a good training experience in Diploma in Software Programming at Softlogic. The trainers were clear in explaining the concepts. Overall, it was a good learning curve. The course content and study materials were in-depth and vast. Along with the study material, a Workbook and Assignments were also provided. The institute also provided a list of nearly 100 programs, which is very useful to crack any interview for both freshers and experienced. I surely recommend SLA for my fellow aspirants.

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