Digital Marketing Funnel – A Brief Understanding for Beginners

Digital Marketing Funnel – A Brief Understanding for Beginners

Digital marketing appears to be taking over as the form of marketing’s future in a world with approximately five billion internet users. Exactly what takes place in digital marketing? How is a website visitor turned into a potential client? What steps are there in that process?

A Digital Marketing Funnel is a lone and true solution to every one of these issues. Learn how to build a funnel in our Digital Marketing Training in Chennai at Softlogic Systems.

What is Digital Marketing Funnel?

A customer’s journey from visitor to the customer may be represented using the stages of a digital marketing funnel.

Now, let’s look at the steps a consumer takes in a typical Digital Marketing Funnel strategy:

  • Exposure
  • Discovery
  • Consideration
  • Conversion
  • Customer Relationship
  • Retention

For a seller, an analogous funnel may be thought of. Let’s look at the steps a seller must take in the aforementioned stages and attempt to build a digital marketing funnel.

Digital Marketing Funnel

The steps in the figure above represent the digital marketing funnel. The purpose of the funnel is to help marketers understand what to give customers at each stage of this complete persuasion process.

Companies must get ready and, as a result, improve their communication activities, affecting the people who matter, given the intense competition for customers’ time and money. The Digital Marketing funnel will direct all of the techniques your business should use to increase conversions.

Why Digital Marketing Funnel is Essential?

A digital marketing funnel’s importance cannot be understated. It aids in categorizing customers into various groups; knowing what stage a customer is in allows a seller to have a clear understanding of the marketing actions that must be taken, as well as the content of directing advertisements and other strategies that may be necessary for a specific target customer.

Better segmentation of the necessary marketing actions will always result from this. This will break up the converting procedure into manageable chunks.By adhering to the steps of the digital marketing funnel, conversion becomes simple. It aids marketers in effectively delivering material to the appropriate clients at the appropriate time.

Because the marketer is now aware of the most successful digital marketing plan, their productivity will therefore grow. The digital marketing funnel may be followed to save a lot of time and money. Additionally, it makes sure that time and money are not squandered on pointless marketing efforts.

How to create a funnel for your brand?

Even though building a funnel for your company is so important to the success of your digital marketing strategy, not everyone is aware of what has to be done.

  • Create a goal for your activities in the first phase, which is straightforward. Your aim can be to boost sales or the Return On Investment (ROI) of your company. a target to be met, to put it briefly.
  • After that, you must define the phases that make up the sales cycle and organize the funnel.
  • Making a visual representation of the stages makes it simpler to determine precisely which model is ideal for your company.
  • Now that your funnel is in place, it’s time to determine what you must do to produce the anticipated traffic at each stage.
  • In this approach, content that is appropriate for your target audience’s knowledge level willinfluence them.

What kind of content is ideal at each level of the funnel?

Understanding the digital marketing funnel can help you take more precise actions, make better use of the resources your firm has available, and influence people who could end up becoming customers.

We divided the best content type for each step as a result. Look it up!


Whatever Digital Marketing funnel is created for your company; it needs to begin with the exposure stage.After all, if the customer doesn’t know your firm, nothing will work. What better way to do this than by utilizing the appropriate venues for brand promotion and advertising?

On Google, there are about 75,000 queries each second. You must thus be present on this channel and, more crucially, visible there.As a result, the plan is to begin your content marketing strategy by enhancing your online visibility using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies or even paid search engine advertising.

The important factor is that when a person types in a certain term, your page shows up among the top results.

The objective at this point is to create user-engaging material, such as infographics and instructional films. It’s time to start generating as much traffic as you can.

Concentrate on posting content on your blog that is intended for readers who are unfamiliar with your business or the idea that you can help them with a number of their difficulties.

The methodology for this phase is straightforward: to gain more exposure, the business should focus on topics that are both linked to her and attract a lot of viewers.

To do this, they can conduct studiescentered on a head-tail term that receives thousands of searches each month.


The optimum strategy for this following phase is to concentrate on creating content that motivates consumers to care about your business.

Even if the preceding step indicates that they are already familiar with your business, you still need to keep them on your website so they can learn more about your offerings.

If a user is not interested in your brand, there is no use in directing them to your website. This will simply serve to raise your site’s bounce rate, which might even hurt its exposure stage.

Converting the visitor into a lead is the primary objective of this stage.

The first difficulty today is to provide information or content that prompts users to provide details like contact information.

Delivering comprehensive and instructional information that identifies a problem and suggests a solution is the best recommendation for this stage.


When customers are aware of your brand and have an issue that your business can help them with, they are in the contemplation stage.

Therefore, it is your responsibility to give information that aids in their decision-making. Therefore, the documents that describe the advantages and differences of your firm are the most appropriate.

You already know a little bit more about the leads at this point, including their particular needs.

Facts and data that demonstrate the effectiveness of your solution must be presented in your article.

Provide Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) that address their most pressing concerns or pertinent feedback from other customers.

After all, there is no better way for someone to decide than to seek the advice of others who have actually used the good or service in question.

For instance, investing in case studies is a great method to allay any concerns customers may have about what you provide.

Delivering everything that can attest to the effectiveness of your effort is the goal.


It’s time to assist them in making a decision now that you have presented the advantages and disadvantages of your offer. After all, you desire devoted clients.

It’s also a moment to focus on providing the material that is increasingly tailored to your goals, tastes, and issues. It’s time to design unique campaigns.

You may direct users to a particular landing page that is nearly entirely devoted to conversions by using sponsored links.

Free trials provide these sites with a hint of content by allowing users to try out your product or service for a period and learn more about its perks and benefits.

In all interactions, it’s important to put the user’s ability to get goals with your assistance front and center while putting some of the features to one side.

The idea is that he comprehends, in actuality, how what you provide is superior to what you provide to competitors.

Customer Relationship

The following stage is to approach your customers more closely once the lead conversion has been achieved.

It’s becoming more and more important to put brand marketing aside and concentrate on showing the customer how to utilize your solution to solve their issues. This improved communication may provide you with a competitive edge.

It is a fantastic alternative is to spend money on a drip campaign to improve the customer’s education and answer their primary queries.

Being able to demonstrate that you care more about the customer’s concerns and the success of their business than merely achieving a conversion. You may spend money on an email marketing campaign to further cement your relationship with the lead.

This will allow you to communicate with them directly and put yourself at their disposal whenever they have questions. It’s time to differentiate yourself from the competition now that they are aware of your business and how you can assist them.

Another choice is to employ films with tutorials to guide customers through the usage of your goods and services, demonstrating your concern for their effectiveness.

Additionally, using exclusive material to introduce a new product release, for example, is a fantastic way to communicate with the person on the other side even better.


Even though the effort has been ongoing for a while, it’s time to consider the strategies and materials targeted at the retention problem.

In other words, encourage customers who are already familiar with your brand and have used your goods or services to complete more purchases. This stage is crucial, especially in the long run.

It’s critical to frequently check and assess your conversations with the lead in

addition to continuing to produce the material from the previous stage.

Interviewing the client to produce a case study that can be utilized in the earlier phases is a highly effective technique to do.

Therefore, it is important to build a digital marketing funnel for your company to create increasingly precise activities and have an influence on your customer persona. Given the numerous advantages of spreading and marketing your brand online, it’s important to understand and put into practice all the necessary principles to make the most of the available tools.


Now that you are aware of the significance of this idea and how to build a digital marketing funnel for your company. The key to success in digital marketing is having a solid understanding of what a digital marketing funnel is and how to create a sales funnel.

Although it takes time, the enormous opportunities that the funnel technique opens up make the wait worthwhile. A properly thought-out and executed digital marketing funnel is the best way to save time, effort, and resources. Enroll at Softlogic Systems for the Best Digital Marketing Course in Chennai with IBM Certification.

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