Digital Analytics & Regression


This course uses a case study approach to take you through the end to end process of identifying a business objective, designing the model to address it, sourcing the data and ultimately arriving at the insights. When you complete this course, you can apply these methods and principles in a variety of contexts, with big, medium or small data.

About this Course

Data Science is like triathlon. Programming is cycling, by far the biggest investment is required in hardware and software. Running is domain expertise and communication skills and, swimming is mathematics, statistics and modelling.

There are competitions in each of these disciplines cycling, running and swimming (and there always will be), but the need for super athletes who can do all 3 is growing. An athlete who is brilliant at one discipline can learn the other two and succeed in triathlon.

No matter your core discipline(s), this course will take you through a short triathlon. You will define a business problem, establish the data required to solve it, you will write scripts in R programming language to build a model to give you insights and you will learn to present your findings in a business format to a business audience.


Students will benefit from having a basic understanding of Statistics. Students with a basic knowledge of how Search Engines work may have a better appreciation for the case study context however, this is not a requirement.

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