Clean Coding


About this Course

This course is for Everybody who are interested to learn how to write good clean code. How to implement coding standards.

  • Learn how to write clean code
  • Learn add comments to code, formatting of code

Course Syllabus

Module 1: Introduction to Clean Code

  • what is clean code
  • Purpose of Clean Code

Module 2: Meaningful Names

  • Intention Revealing Names
  • Make Meaningful Distinctions

Module 3: Functions

  • Function Size Matters
  • Function Arguments, Blocks and Indenting

Module 4: Comments

  • Good and Bad Comments
  • Types of Bad Comments

Module 5: Formatting

  • The Purpose of Formatting
  • Vertical Formatting , Horizontal Formatting

Module 6: Objects and Data Structure

  • Data Abstraction
  • Law of Demeter, Data Transfer Objects


  • Knowledge in basic computing and computer technologies
  • Knowledge in algorithms, any programing language
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