Build an IoT Blockchain Network for a Supply Chain

Learn how to use a an IoT Asset Tracking device, build a blockchain network, and configure a Node-RED dashboard to monitor a perishable network supply chain. You can also use a simulated tracker if you don’t want to purchase and set up the hardware.

When multiple participants, such as farms, manufacturers, processing plants, trucks, ports, ships, distribution centers, and consumer retail outlets, are involved in the safe shipment and payment of cargo, you can use a blockchain network to record immutable transactions as the cargo shipment progresses through its delivery journey. In this course, you’ll do the following main tasks: – Configure an asset tracker IoT device (or use the simulator) – Build a blockchain business network in Hyperledger Composer – Build an IoT application to visualize and analyze the data from the asset tracker: — Create an IoT starter app in IBM Cloud — Create Node-RED flows to control and receive events from, write events to the blockchain network, and load blockchain transaction history — Use Node-RED to build an asset tracking dashboard

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