Robots are coming! Build IoT apps with Watson AI, Swift, and Node-RED


Learn how to program a simple robot (TJBot) to move its arm, recognize objects, flash a light, speak, and more. You can build simple apps to control TJBot by using Node.js or even Node-RED. If you don’t want to purchase the TJBot, you use a simulator instead.

In this hands-on Internet of Things (IoT) course, you’ll build Node-RED flows (applications) running on the cloud and connect them to more flows and Swift applications. You’ll use those applications to track the temperature of a Raspberry Pi CPU, store that data in a Cloudant NoSQL database, take pictures with the RaspCam, use AI to recognize objects in the pictures, send Twitter notifications, and send simple commands from your smartphone to a robot called iRobot Create 2. You don’t need to purchase the iRobot to be successful in this course. But playing with a programmable robot can be a lot more fun!