React.js And React Native

Differences Between React.js and React Native

Differences Between React js and React Native Since its inception, JavaScript has been a crucial component of web development. The enormous potential and usability of JavaScript have been demonstrated by its frameworks and solutions. One of these top JavaScript frameworks that have swept the world by storm and produced a ton of trends, jobs, and [...]
Bug Bounty Program

Bug Bounty Program

Explaining Bug Bounty Program Many companies, websites, and software providers compensate their customers financially for disclosing software flaws that could be exploited. Let's explore "Bug Bounty Program" in-depth to see what they are all about. Join Softlogic Systems for the Best Cybersecurity Training in Chennai with IBM Certification and 100% Placement Assistance. What is Bug [...]
Comparison Of Phishing And Pharming

Phishing and Pharming: Know the Best Differences in 2023

Comparison Between Phishing and Pharming in Cybersecurity Technology is no longer just paving the way for efficient resources; it also has made room for criminals that misuse it. The two sorts of cybertheft that are wreaking havoc in cyberspace are Phishing and Pharming. Let's examine how Phishing and Pharming differ from one another. Explore a [...]
Phishing And Spoofing

Phishing and Spoofing: Know the Best Differences in 2023

A Comprehensive Comparison of Phishing and Spoofing Even though the majority of emails that appear to be phishing and spoofing are automatically identified as spam and discarded, understanding the distinction between phishing and spoofing is still crucial. Spoofing and phishing are two common types of cyberattacks, and today we'll learn about them and how to [...]
Types Of Cybersecurity

Overview of Cybersecurity and Its Types

Overview of Cybersecurity and Its Types Cyberattacks are continually changing as a threat to businesses, data protection, the workforce, and the general public. So, what is the best way to protect yourself from unauthorized access and unethical extortion? A powerful cyber security system. This blog delves deeper into Cyber Security and its various forms. Become [...]
Types Of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing – Types and Benefits

Digital Marketing – Types and Benefits Globally, the Digital Marketing sector is booming. The finest marketing channel for companies looking to reach millions of people quickly is now "Digital Marketing". This article on "What is Digital Marketing" will provide you with comprehensive details on the industry and how to succeed there. Join Softlogic Systems for [...]
Php Developer

Guide to Become PHP Developer

Guide to Become PHP Developer The functionality of a web application is created by a PHP developer on server-side-like back-end components. They are adept at creating and integrating plugins for frameworks, integrating front-end developers' work into back-end applications, and linking programs with external web services. through this article, we'll look briefly at PHP, how to [...]