Best Way To Learn Kotlin

What is Kotlin? – Learn Kotlin From Scratch

What is Kotlin? Learn Kotlin from Scratch JetBrains created Kotlin, a comparatively fresh programming language for modern multi-platform applications. Kotlin, rather than Java, is now widely used for Android development. It's because Kotlin is secure, concise, and enjoyable to read and write. Our Kotlin article will walk you through the process of learning Kotlin one [...]
Ios Developer

All You Need to Know About a Career in iOS Development

Aspiring software engineers have a lot of options to weigh before settling on a profession. Salary and advancement opportunities are major factors. With an average pay of $114,614 across the country, iOS engineers are among the highest-paid professionals in the IT industry. An iOS developer is someone who uses the iOS operating system and several [...]
Everything About Different Ways To Use Dual Axis Charts In Tableau

Everything About Different Ways To Use Dual Axis Charts in Tableau

Learn Everything About Different Ways To Use Dual Axis Charts in Tableau  Dual axis charts integrate views of two or more metrics into a single chart. For quick data insights and comparison, Tableau dual axis charts combine two or more Tableau measurements and exhibit correlations between them. The steps you can use to generate dual [...]

Why iOS and OS X Developers are Choosing Swift

Swift is a high-performance, general-purpose, safe, operational, demanding, object-oriented, block-structured programming language that supports multiple paradigms. Evolution of Swift Swift was created after extensive study of other languages in the field. It follows Apple Inc.'s modern guidelines for software security and design principles. It was first referred to as "Objective-C without the C" by its [...]
Android Architecture Patterns

Beginner’s Guide to Android : Android Architecture

The Beginner’s Guide to Android: Android Architecture There are a wide variety of components in the Android architecture that work together to meet the requirements of any Android device. Several C/C++ libraries are included in Android's open-source Linux kernel and made available via the software's framework services. The Linux Kernel and the Dalvik Virtual Machine [...]