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Data science is taking over our world now. As a result, all the big companies are shifting from traditional database to NoSQL. Hence there is an increasing demand for NoSQL professionals.

Cassandra is an open-source and distributed database management system. At the beginning, Facebook developed it for the purpose of inbox search. Then it was released as an open-source project. Apache Cassandra is the most preferred database when it comes to scalability and high availability without affecting the performance.

Cassandra is a unique and comprehenisve tool. Besides, it has two essential features including linear scalability and fault tolerance on cloud infrastructure or commodity hardware. Learn the importance of Apache Cassandra from the Best Apache Cassandra Training Institute in Chennai.

Apache Cassandra Job Roles

  • Big Data Developer
  • Back-end Developer
  • Cassandra Architect
  • NoSQL Database Developer
  • NoSQL Specialist
  • Cassandra Engineer
  • Cassandra Developer
  • Data Architect Cassandra
  • Cassandra Solution Architect
  • Performance Tester – Cassandra
  • Data Engineer
  • Cassandra Database Administrator
  • Functional Tester – Cassandra

How will Learning Apache Cassandra have an Impact in your Career?

Nowadays the whole world concentrates on Big Data and Hadoop. As a tech enthusiast you would know that most of Big Data comes in the NoSQL format. This  can be in videos, images, log data etc. Hence it is essential that professionals who want to take up a career in Hadoop should understand the NoSQL databases.

This is where the role of Apache Cassandra NoSQL tool arises.  Cassandra is a powerful tool that consists of some unique features. These features makes it one of the best NoSQL tools to add on to the Hadoop ecosystem. Moreover, Cassandra is efficient in working with an entire set of datasets.

Cassandra is one of the most famous NoSQL databases nowadays. Besides, it is utilized by some of the leading companies in the world to leverage their huge volumes of data. Learning Apache Cassandra can prove to be the turning point of your career.

Cassandra NoSQL has a simple learning curve. Moreover, writing to Cassandra database is also very quick. It is also one of the best Column-Family NoSQL databases.

The popularity of Cassandra is rising day by day. The job prospects are also increasing. Thus, you can get benefited from the top features of Cassandra from the Best Apache Casssandra Training Center in Chennai.

The versatility of Cassandra also makes people get attracted to it. That said, when you advance your skills with Apache Cassandra it paves the way to a huge range of multiple opportunities for you to choose according to your needs. Besides, the jobs for this profile are spread across several domains. So you can get Apache Cassandra training from the Best Apache Cassandra Training Institute in Chennai. Later you can enter into a good job and get a great hike in salaries.

Key Advantages of Using Cassandra

  • Assists solving complex tasks with ease
  • Consists of a short learning curve
  • Decreased admin overhead and costs for a DevOps engineer
  • Quick writing and reading
  • Great fault tolerance
  • Peer-to-Peer Architecture, Elastic Scalability, High Performance
  • Column orientation, Tunable Consistency etc.

Future Scope of Apache Cassandra

A database that was initially developed to solve the inbox search issues at Facebook has evolved a lot to solve big data issues. Nowadays, Cassandra is applied in varied applications. This includes  streaming videos or supporting several business units or production applications. We can aptly say that Cassandra is today’s big data solution.

Apache Cassandra Course Fees and Duration

The fee for Apache Cassandra Training in Chennai is moderate. Are you having any problem with regard to the time, place and duration of the course? Then contact our help desk regarding the same.

Training Mode

Regular Track

45 – 60 Days

2 hours a day

Live Classroom

Weekend Track

8 Weekends

3 hours a day

Live Classroom

Fast Track

5 Days

6+ hours a day

Live Classroom

This is an approximate course fee and duration for Apache Cassandra Training. Please contact our team for current Ab Apache Cassandra Training course fee and duration.

Apache Cassandra Syllabus

The syllabus for Apache Cassandra Classes in Chennai is carefully prepared keeping the industry standards in mind. It is updated regularly and is the best.

Introduction to Cassandra

Cassandra Architecture

Cassandra Installation and Configuration

  • Course Map
  • Objectives
  • Cassandra Versions
  • Steps to Install and Configure Cassandra on Ubuntu System
  • Operating System Selection
  • Machine Selection
  • Preparing for Installation
  • Setup Repository
  • Install CassandraCheck the Installation
  • Configuring Cassandra
  • Configuration for a Single-Node Cluster
  • Configuration for a Multi-Node and Multi-Datacenter Clusters
  • Setup Property File
  • Configuration for a Production Cluster
  • Setup Gossiping Property File
  • Starting Cassandra Services
  • Connecting to Cassandra
  • Installing on CentOS
  • Demo-Installing and Configuring Cassandra on Ubuntu

Creation of Sample Application

  • Database Design
  • Sample Application RDBMS Design
  • Sample Application Cassandra Design
  • Application Code
  • Creating Database
  • Loading Schema
  • Data Structures
  • Setting Connections
  • Population of database
  • Application Features

Cassandra Data Model

  • Advance Modelling
  • Rules of Cassandra data modelling
  • increasing data writes
  • duplication
  • reducing data reads
  • modelling data around queries
  • creating table for data queries


  • Data Definition language(DDL) Statements
  • Data Manipulation Language (DML)
  • User permission
  • Create and modify Users
  • Capture CQL output to a file
  • Import and export data
  • CQL scripts from within CQL
  • CQL Scripts from the command prompt