When you train with SLA, you're making sure that you got all the essential employability skills for an IT career. Every employment training course is designed in accordance with the current skill-demand and employment opportunities in the job market.

SLA follows unique and effective strategy in offering training courses. Instead of offering courses on all the technical platforms, SLA restricts that to courses that promise the job and job security. Thus evergreen technologies such as Java, .NET framework, PHP, Software Testing, Hardware & Networking and Android are the only course platforms from SLA

Each course may vary in its technical syllabus but every course includes training on soft skills, placement skills, aptitude skills which were considered crucial to secure a job in a leading IT company.

Training cum Placements

Training cum Placements is, candidates who scored less than 65% in SLA online test and those would like to improve their employability skills (Technical skills, Placement skills, Attitude, Aptitude, Soft skills, Interview skills, Real Time Internship) will be put under training and they will be given interview chances. Based on the Interview performance, candidates will get placed in various clients. We walk with each and every candidate till they get placed. We guide them, motivate them throughout the interviews and we provide them “n” number of interviews till they get placed.


Softlogic Job Oriented Programs

  • Technical Skills
  • Aptitute Skills
  • Placement Skills
  • Soft Skills
  • Internship - Real Time