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Best Struts Training Institute in Chennai

Struts Training Institute in Chennai

These days, it is an era of super specialization and mere knowledge of basic Java is not enough to land a person with a job. For those who are lucky to land with a job, the challenge comes in seeking appropriate promotions. In such a situation, it is wise on the part of students to invest their time and energy in learning some specific framework for web application development in details if they would want to fare well in their career. In such a situation, it will be wise for students and professions who are based out of Bangalore to invest their time and energy in learning Struts.

While there are a number of institutes that teach the same, the Struts coaching by Softlogic Systems are undoubtedly the best Struts Training in Chennai. This is because the trainers who work with the students here have an extensive knowledge of not just this particular web application framework but also of other aspects of Java. This ensures that they are able to teach their students the correlation among the different types of frameworks available and thus come up with their own architecture that caters to the needs of the company that they are working for. It is this in-depth knowledge that the course imparts that makes this training program stand out in the competitive world of Struts training in Chennai.

What is Struts.?

  • In layman’s terms it can be said that Struts is something that can be used to extend the reach of the Java Servlet API to allow a developer to come up with an architecture that caters to his design needs. This is extensively used for developing Java EE web applications. Although the initial release of this product was some 12 years earlier, the fact that the company developing the same (Apache Software Foundation) has been constantly updating the same ensures that this is an essential skill set for Java developers who want to make it big in life. The Struts training course in Chennai by Softlogic ensures that the students are trained to adopt a model-view-controller approach and are thus in a position to come up with innovative applications of those frameworks.

What is different at Softlogic Systems.?

  • Since Struts is something that is technical in nature, people take it for granted that there has to be a lot of coding on paper before the actual implementation. However, with such an approach, what happens is that students are able to understand the concept from a theoretical point of view but are not in a position to apply the same in real life. To avoid such a situation, the syllabus structure at the Struts training course is designed in such a way that students are made to practice the codes in a system as and when they learn to code. That way, it is ensured that they are able to apply what they learn and in turn apply the same to come up with the best of Java EE web applications in their respective domains.
  • From a practical point of view, the most important reason why you should take to learning struts is because of the familiarity with the other aspects of traditional Java. The experienced faculty at Softlogic Systems ensures that you do not miss out on this particular aspect of Struts. The understanding of the legacy code and its correlation with what you are learning on a daily basis will give you the required head start in the world of computer programming and development. This kind of systematic teaching approach is what makes Softlogic Systems the best Struts training center in Chennai.

Prerequisites for Struts

Candidates with pretty good knowledge on Core Java, J2EE, and databases will be able to learn Struts framework.

Struts Training Course Fee and Duration

Track Regular Track Weekend Track Fast Track
Course Duration 45 - 60 Days 8 Weekends 5 Days
Hours 2 hours a day 3 hours a day 6+ hours a day
Training Mode Live Classroom Live Classroom Live Classroom

This is an approximate course fee and duration for Struts Training. Please contact our team for current Struts Training course fee and duration.  

Struts Training Course Syllabus

Struts Basics

  • Struts2 Home
  • Basic MVC Architecture
  • Struts2 Overview
  • Struts2 Environment Setup
  • Struts2 Architecture
  • Struts2 Examples
  • Struts2 Configuration
  • Struts2 Actions
  • Struts2 Interceptors
  • Struts2 Result Types
  • Struts2 Value Stack/OGNL
  • Struts2 File Uploads
  • Struts2 Database Access
  • Struts2 Sending Email
  • Struts2 Validations
  • Struts2 Localization
  • Struts2 Type Conversion
  • Struts2 Themes/Templates
  • Struts2 Exception Handling
  • Struts2 Annotations

Struts 2 Tags

  • Struts2 Control Tags
  • Struts2 Data Tags
  • Struts2 Form Tags
  • Struts2 Ajax Tags

Struts 2 Integrations

  • Struts2 - Spring
  • Struts2 - Tiles
  • Struts2 - Hibernate

Struts 2 Useful Resources

  • Struts2 Quick Guide
  • Struts2 Useful Resources

Struts Training Reviews

Softlogic Reviews given by our students already completed the training with us. Please give your feedback as well if you are a student.