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Devops Training Institute in Chennai

Being the Best DevOps Training Institute in Chennai, we make sure our students only learn from the best trainers and highly qualified study materials.

DevOps Training in Chennai

DevOps Training in Chennai

It will be fair to say that the world of IT was taken by storm when DevOps made their way into the market. In the past, software development and software operation were considered to be two completely different entities. With DevOps coming into the picture a new software engineering culture was established by forming a bridge between the two. With this measure, developmental antics that were unfathomable in the past were now achieved with greater precision. The course offered by Softlogic ensures that the students are taught the very fundamentals of the paper and then made to advance to more complex topics. In this way, the DevOps training in Chennai by Softlogic ensures that the base is strong and students who take up this course develop the aptitude to come up with technical solutions on their own.

About DevOps training certification course

As is obvious from the nature of this, organizations across the globe are switching to DevOps. This is done with the view to optimize the process of software development and delivery and thereby save the company a lot of resources. Because of its crucial role in revenue generation, companies are ready to invest a significant amount of money in this. As a result professionals here are much better paid than their counterparts in other areas. Softlogic System realizes this and thereby works to ensure that its students get the best of the jobs in the industry. This has resulted in a lot of IT Developers, IT Operations Personnel, consultants and stakeholders to take up DevOps training with a view of seeking a better pay package. In such a situation, there are a number of training institutes mushrooming all over the country that offer this course. Among them the one offered by Softlogic Systems is undoubtedly the best DevOps training Institute in Chennai.

What  will I get in this DevOps training course.?

  • Unlike most other courses that deal only with the principles and processes associated with DevOps, here a detailed knowledge of server installation and configuration is taught to the students. This makes them capable of developing sound technical decision making capabilities and with their process metrics measurement and monitoring abilities they are capable of taking up managerial roles in companies.
  • This course by Softlogic Systems focuses on server management using infrastructure as a code. This concept is a comparatively newer one in the Indian context. By mastering this particular aspect of the game, students will be in a better position to land themselves with jobs in the world of cyber security and data encryption both in MNCs as well as in startups.
  • With the current flow of IT resources, it is obvious that software automation is the next major thing in the world of IT. In such a situation, a training certification from the best DevOps training Center in Chennai will set you up on a highly rewarding career in the world of technology and technology management.

System Requirement for DevOps training

The laptop or desktop that you decide to work on should have about 8gb of memory. Most of the machines that are in use have a Unix interface and it is okay for you to use setup dev environments with Docker and virtual machines. Initially the people attending the DevOps training in Chennai program are taught how to deploy codes without having to move them. For that, having things like github and circleci is necessary.

Why choose Softlogic Systems.?

  • Softlogic Systems offers its students the power of flexibility when it comes to choosing the course of their choice. For students who are in a position to devote more time every day, the course can be taken up in a matter of 5 days with more than 6 hours of classroom teaching every day.
  • For students or working professionals who can spare the time only during the weekends, the recommended course of action will be to enroll in the DevOps Weekend track training programs wherein the course is taught to them in a matter of 8 weekends. In such a case, the duration of classes stand at 3 hours per day.
  • For those interested in a longer duration course, (spanning 45 to 60 days) the classes would be conducted for 2 hours every day. All the classes at Softlogic Systems are handled by immensely experienced faculty members who have a genuine passion to help you set out on the path to professional success.
  • Also, the course structure here is up-to-date and the nature of the curriculum is such that there is ample scope of self learning as well. It is things like this that make it the best DevOps training program in Chennai.

DevOps Course Fee and Duration

Track Regular Track Weekend Track Fast Track
Course Duration 45 - 60 Days 8 Weekends 5 Days
Hours 2 hours a day 3 hours a day 6+ hours a day
Training Mode Live Classroom Live Classroom Live Classroom

This is an approximate course fee and duration for DevOps. Please contact our team for current DevOps course fee and duration.  


Course Syllabus and Free Demo Class

We provide the best Devops training in Chennai covering entire course modules during the DevOps classes. Also, students avail Devops course in Chennai with placement assistance.

Course Syllabus   FREE Demo Class

DevOps Training Reviews

Softlogic Reviews given by our students already completed the training with us. Please give your feedback as well if you are a student. Read Testimonials